Golf ceramic decoration - Hope That You're Out Of The Rough Soon

Heather and Haggis

Golf Ceramic Decoration - Hope That You're Out Of The Rough Soon

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This ceramic decoration features the message "Hope That You're Out Of The Rough Soon", along with an illustration of a putting green. It's the perfect gift to send your best wishes to any golfer who is facing a difficult time in their life.

  • Includes a gift tag with space to write the names of the sender and recipient
  • Strung on double satin ribbon for easy hanging
  • It has a thin, flat profile, making it easy to send in the post. It will comfortably fit in to post boxes and through letterboxes.
  • Designed and printed in Scotland

Dimensions (approx): 70mm diameter, 4mm thick

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to photograph items accurately, there may be slight colour variations due to different monitor settings.