Environmental Policy

As Heather and Haggis is a small business where we design and make most products in our Scotland studio, often by hand, our environmental impact is naturally lower than large scale manufacturers who operate factories and transport goods around the world.
Despite this, we are still conscious that we have a responsibility to run our business in a way that minimises our negative effects on both our local environment and the wider world, therefore we have made the following commitments:
  • We reduce our energy use through common-sense measures, such as turning off unused lights and electronics and avoiding unnecessary heating.
  • We re-use packaging from our suppliers to avoid additional cardboard and plastic waste. Therefore please excuse us if your delivery looks a little bit ugly on the outside, but we will make sure that your products are beautiful inside!
  • We recycle all waste that cannot be reused, such as wood, paper, glass, some plastics etc, avoiding landfill wherever possible.

In addition, we are making the following commitments for the future:

  • We will not re-order unnecessary plastic packaging, such as plastic sleeves for greetings cards and prints. Once our current stock has been used we will source a biodegradable alternative and offer a "naked cards" (no packaging) option.
  • We will never produce single use products such as plastic straws, paper plates, paper napkins and plastic cutlery.

If you have any comments or ideas on how we can continue to reduce our environmental impact then you can contact us here, we would love to hear from you.

Nicola and all at Heather and Haggis