Castles tea towel
Scottish castles tea towel outdoors

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Castles Tea Towel

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Our Castles tea towel features some of Scotland’s best known castles, set into a modern castle illustration. Highlights include royal palaces like Linlithgow and Balmoral, as well as popular visitor attractions like Edinburgh and St. Andrews Castles. This tea towel makes a perfect gift for the history buff in your life, encouraging them to plan their next adventure as they dry their dishes! 

  • Made from 100% flatwoven cotton, so your plates are free from fluff!
  • Perfect to send through the post due to the flat packaged design
  • Designed in Scotland and made in the UK

    Dimensions (approx): 75cm x 47cm

    Please note that whilst every effort has been made to photograph items accurately, there may be slight colour variations due to different monitor settings.