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Heather and Haggis

Islands Tea Towel

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Scotland has hundreds of islands, both offshore and inland. Approximately 2% of the country's population live on an island. Scotland's islands have such a great diversity that it is difficult to generalise them, as they all have their own unique landscapes, wildlife, industries and communities.

This tea towel is decorated with the names of a selection of Islands arranged in a minimalist drawing. It would be ideal to add a bit of fun to the washing up of any resident, visitor or admirer of these beautiful places.

  • Designed in Scotland and made in the UK
  • Screen printed on 100% cotton, so it doesn't shed any bits on to your pots
  • Easy to send in the post as it is packaged flat to fit through a letterbox
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried according to care instructions

 Dimensions (approx): 75cm x 47cm

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