Lochs Mug

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Lochs Mug

Scotland is home to over 32,000 lochs, some of which are formed from long inlets of the sea rather than being entirely surrounded by land meaning that Scotland's lochs are a mixture of fresh and salt water. The lochs are host to an array of hobbies including swimming, diving, fishing and sailing.

Our Lochs mug is made from fine bona china and is decorated with the names of Scotland's longest, deepest and most famous lochs. It makes a great gift for anyone who would enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee when they are not out on the water - and it's much more affordable than giving them a boat!

Designed and printed in Scotland

Dimensions (approx): 90mm height x 80mm diameter, excluding handle

Our mugs are dishwasher safe, but like most ceramics their finish will last longer if they are hand washed

Please note that whilst every effort has been made to photograph items accurately, there may be slight colour variations due to different monitor settings