Lochs fine bone china mug
Lochs mug

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Lochs Mug

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Our Lochs mug is made from fine bona china and is decorated with the names of Scotland's longest, deepest and most famous lochs. It makes a great gift for anyone who would enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee when they are not out on the water swimming, sailing, fishing or diving - and it's much more affordable than giving them a boat!

  • Available in two sizes, 8oz and 13oz
    • 8oz is a traditional "teacup" size - holds a small amount of liquid so it can be drunk quickly while hot. Also suitable for short espresso based drinks, like a flat white
    • 13oz is for a bigger brew and is more like a modern coffee mug
  • Designed and printed by artist Nicola in Scotland
  • Made from fine bone china, which some people insist keeps your tea hotter for longer
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

Dimensions (approx): 8oz measures 82mm height x 72mm diameter, 13oz measures 90mm height x 85mm diameter, excluding handle

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