Morningside mug
Morningside bone china mug

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Morningside Mug

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Our Morningside mug features streets and areas within this iconic neighbourhood on the south side of Edinburgh, including Morningside Place, Balcarres Street, the Plewlands and the Clunies. If you know someone who loves spending time here - or if you just want to share a bit of local pride! - then this fine bone china mug would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys relaxing with a good cup of tea or coffee.

  • Available in two sizes, 8oz and 13oz
    • 8oz is a traditional "teacup" size - holds a small amount of liquid so it can be drunk quickly while hot. Also suitable for short espresso based drinks, like a flat white
    • 13oz is a modern coffee cup size, ideal for those who like a bigger brew
  • Designed and printed by artist Nicola in her Edinburgh studio
  • Made from fine bone china, which some people swear makes your tea taste better
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

Dimensions (approx): 8oz measures 82mm height x 72mm diameter, 13oz measures 90mm height x 85mm diameter, excluding handle

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